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If you've read What is URDP?, now you've probably got some questions about the specifics, and maybe what goes on behind the scenes. We've got answers to all the basic questions we can think of here, and we'll add to it as more are revealed.
If you have any remaining questions after reading through this FAQ, please don't hesitate to note us.
Who can get on the Randomization List?
When we say "all-gallery, every-deviant project," we mean it! Whether you're brand-new to the site or you're a ^, we want you in on this. We've got vector artists chatting with plushie makers and graphic designers hamming it up with painters, and it's frankly a riot--you don't want to miss it!
How do I get on this month's Randomization List?
First, add the project to your watchlist. This isn't so that we can have lots and lots of watchers--doesn't make a difference to us!--but so that running the project is as easy as possibl
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What is URDP?
What is the Ultimate Random Deviant Project?
URDP is an all-gallery, every-deviant community project that seeks to invest in the community by introducing complete strangers to each other, encouraging them to dialogue, comment creatively on each other's work, feature each other, and invest in constructive artist-to-artist relationships.
How does it work?
In March 2008, the first Randomization List was compiled. For one month, any and every deviant could "get in" on this list; at the beginning of the next month, the usernames were put through a randomizer, and every two deviants became a Random Deviant Set. These RDS partners then complete a very casual process to get to know each other. The response was so good--132 deviants the first time around--that we decided we'd do this every month!
The Steps.
This is the process we suggest RDS partners take; we break them up into steps that cover several days to make it easier, but RDS partners can be as creative as they like
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Ultimate Random Deviant Project
United States
Due to personal commitments that are taking up my time right now, the May list will be postponed and merged with the June list: meaning everyone on the May list will be included in the list randomized 1 July, which will also include all the names sent in during June.

Please, keep spreading the news and sending in your notes, and we look forward to a jolly good time in July!


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